Table tennis draw and competition program in Excel

By Dr.Wu,Chi-Shih from Taiwan


download program_Single version 2011-11-07

you can find a new button <Print table brief of a section> on clicking button 10 <View Score Cards>
you need this button for match entrance ceremony



download program and operating manuals (6M) version 20100711

Since 1.1.2011 :
Team events – will be played in RR (priority to groups of 3 teams) + KO
All matches will be played best of 5 games.


2009-11-25 : You need the newest version to overcome Microsoft Excel bug 1004

down load programs and operating manuals (6M) version 20091125
Version 2009-11-25 Solve the problem "Can not set property of ColumnWidths" in America region

down load programs and operating manuals (6M) version 20090730

down load programs and operating manuals (6M) version 20090528

please unzip the file before using. (click mouse right button and select unzip)

You can start to test the programs immediately after unzip the package with Excel 2003 or 2007.
However, you need to be authorized if you want to input your own players' data.

Can not run the program after open Excel : Set the security level to medium and Re-open Excel

For IPTTC sanctioned tournament :
1. The organizer needs not to pay any fee for using the programs. Just contact IPTTC for authorization.
2. At the end of the tournament, the organizers must immediately send the data_Common.xls, data_KO.xls, data_Single.xls, and data_Team.xls files to Ranking Officer Gael Marziou <>.

Result of Tournaments using this program

2007.4.28 "The program is very stable and very easy to use. I liked the TT sheet and TTset. Doing the draw and scheduling was very quick." Steve Welch (Referee of the tournament in Dublin 2007)
2007.3.19 “…I have to say that your program is a great help for Referee. For me in this tournament it will not be possible to manage  217 players and 22 tables alone without your program." Patrick Ringe (Referee of the Tournament in Amman 2007)
2007.3.6 “I am extremely impressed with the program(s)...From a refereeing viewpoint I would see this as an excellent teaching tool, as well as for its primary purpose for running tournaments….” Graeme Ireland (International Referee)

2006.5.19 "...In conclusion, I am very confident in the use of the program, when you know him, he is very easy to use..." Nico Verspeelt (IPTTC Vice Chairperson)

Can not open data book

The data book saved in computer with Excel 2003, might not be opened by other computer with Excel 2000.

Note on re-open Excel file

It may need up to 15 minutes to re-open the Excel file if there are bulk entries and run in an old computer.

Please abandon previous KO V7 program,
because the draw did not fully compatible with ITTF rule